Day 01 — Your Favourite Song


It’s literally impossible for me to choose just one song as my favourite. My music tastes are oddly vast, ranging from rock to country to pop to soundtrack to jazz to musicals to punk! And then some.

So… I’m cheating 😛 On Day 01, no less.


Green Day — 21 Guns

Just choosing between my favourite Green Day song was hard enough, but I finally settled for this one.  It shows off all of my favourite elements of Green Day… Billie Joe’s amazing voice, his beautiful lyrics, and the musicjust… wow. Plus, great video. I am, however, a big fan of Green Day’s older punk-ish material as well, and my second favourite Green Day song would probably be She.

Lady Antebellum Need You Now

Okay, so that’s not the real music video. That, in fact, is a fanvid that a wonderful fanfic mate of mine, Angelustatt, made for me to accompany my very first Torchwood fic. But this relates to one of the reasons why this is one of my favourite songs – it painted such an inspiring picture in my mind that I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. Simple, but effective.

Owl City – Vanilla Twilight

Gosh, I can be such a romantic sap sometimes. The lyrics to this song… squee! Electronic doesn’t usually appeal to me, but this is just wonderful. Another great favourite is If My Heart Was A House. It’s just makes me feel happy, every time I listen.

But anyway.

I should stop now, otherwise next I know, I’ll have 100+ YouTube videos linked here. I think this serves as a pretty good first post regarding music, and I’m certain that the topic will arise again soon!

So what about all of you? What are your absolute favourite songs? And, more interestingly, why?

Have fun!
Bri xx


5 thoughts on “Day 01 — Your Favourite Song

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  2. It’s not cheating, it’s giving us further insight. Or something.
    Good song choices though, I love Need you Now and that fanvid is SO much win.

    If I have to pick one song, it would be Steriogram’s Be Good to Me.
    It’s raw and honest, although sweet, without being cliche or cloying. Here’s a link

  3. brionyjae says:

    Wow!! I hadn’t heard much of Steriogram, but I enjoyed this one – you’re right, raw is a perfect word, in a brilliant way… and YAY for not being cliched 🙂 It’s too easy for songs to use all of those overused phrases… hmmm, nice! 😀

    • They’ve got a few albums now but never really made it in New Zealand, which is disappointing. Fortunately they’re huge in Japan, so they’re still making music ^,^

      I’ve started becoming more picky about song lyrics, I’ve noticed, since I started writing my own. I can listen to a song for its beat, or because of its inanity. But to actually enjoy a song it needs that something different.

      At least in my totally humble opinion.

      • brionyjae says:

        Hahaa, Japan of all places! Ah well, I’m pleased for them! I remember seeing them in ‘concert’ when I was around 13… teehee. Good times!

        I completely agree – the song lyrics are the biggest part, for me. Although of course there has to be a good beat etc too 🙂 But like with Owl City, if I really like the lyrics, I’ll be likely to enjoy the beat/genre too! So interesting to think about.

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