Day 02 — Your Favourite Film

I guess I’d call myself a bit of a film geek.

Not as much as some people, but honestly – films are a guaranteed way to get me talking!

Once again, though, I have so many different favourites, from different genres, and all that! I adore psychological thrillers, musicals, ‘old’ films (Oooh, and with old ‘special effects’ – super cute!), dystopian films, clever kids films… and I have to admit, I love a healthy dash of romance in them too. Although… I can’t usually stomach chick flicks. Unless, say, someone has injected me with high amounts of estrogen, or something crazy like that. But then again, I do surprise myself sometimes.

Fight Club (1999)

Interestingly enough, I’d never watched the trailer for this before finding one for this post. It’s amazing how… different the film is, to the trailer! In a brilliant way, of course. I won’t say too much, as I definitely don’t want to spoil it for people, but this film?


I honestly love films that mess with your mind. The first time I watched Fight Club, I had no idea what I had just watched, but knew that I absolutely loved it! So. Clever. The novel that it’s based on, by Chuck Palahniuk, is just as well created. Helena Bonham Carter is fantastic, as always – she really does excel at playing those… mentally disturbed characters, right? I don’t much like Brad Pitt these days, but his earlier stuff is rather enjoyable! And, well… just watch it!

A Single Man (2009)

Oh. My.

I adore this film for many reasons. Firstly, Colin Firth is a spectacular actor – not to mention devastatingly handsome – and captured the character of George perfectly. That’s one of the most important elements to this film, really. The other thing to admire is the brilliant ‘technical’ aspects of the film. The camera shots, the different colouring/lighting filters used, all the tiny symbolic details… it’s a masterpiece!

That, and the emotion contained within it… wow!

It’s also based upon a novel, in fact! I highly recommend it, just as powerful as the film.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

I almost laughed trying to find a trailer for this one! I mean… seriously, how could you encapsulate this film into a trailer!! Teehee.


I would be shocked if anyone hadn’t heard of Rocky Horror. But then… a flatmate of mine hadn’t… poor deprived child! I’m not exactly sure how I can describe this film, other than saying that it is utterly confusing, utterly crazy, and utterly epic! My awesome mum, the darling, was the one who originally made me watch it, and may I just say – THANK YOU MUM! 😀

The songs, the costumes, the audience interaction, the epic ‘special effects’… really, I would love to pick this film apart one day, and try and discover some meaning.

If there is any meaning at all.

*mysterious music* 😉

Ah well, so how about you lot, then? Agree? Disagree? Feel compelled to follow my recommendations? Have any recommendations of your own? I love talking films, so feel welcome to leave as many comments as you like!

Have fun!
Bri xx


7 thoughts on “Day 02 — Your Favourite Film

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  2. Janet says:

    You forgot to mention that Rocky Horror has the BEST song “Dammit Janet” 😉

    • brionyjae says:

      Ahh, of course! One of the reasons why you made me watch it, I believe 😉 And “Planet, Schmanet, Janet!” 😀

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  4. I’m with you on Rocky Horror, funnily enough my Mum was the one the introduced it to me too! You know how some parents put on like Sesame Street to get their kids to settle? Well Rocky Horror was mine and all hell broke loose when I wasn’t allowed to watch it because we had visitors.

    My other top films, for this week at least, are Czech Dream and The History Boys.
    Czech Dream is an interesting commentary on the rise of consumerism and the effects on society. While History Boys is a favourite play that’s been turned into an okay movie.

    History Boys Trailer:
    Czech Dream Trailer:

    • brionyjae says:


      Ohhh I have been meaning to watch History Boys for the longest time :O Except I don’t have it xD Yayyy Alonso! And Uncle Vernon, and Madame Maxime! (*cough* I’m not obsessed at all…)

      Wow, Czech Dream looks… uhh wow! xD Is it for real?? Unsettling!

      • I’ll have to lend them both to you doll!

        I liked The History Boys better as a production, but I was also spoiled enough to see the original staging when they came to NZ as part of the International Arts Festival. Absolutely glorious!

        And Czech Dream is a real mind-bender, which is part of the reason I love it!
        Yes, it is real. They actually made a faux-hypermarket and people turned up, expecting to find it ready to open! I think that you’ll like it.

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