Day 03 — Your Favourite Television Programme

Ahhh, this is too easy! Mostly, anyway.


Best. Show. EVER.

I think what I love most about Torchwood is the beautiful, complex characters of the team – Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, and Gwen. Even the minor characters of Rhys, ‘Captain’ John Hart and Andy are adorable! They all have unique elements to them and the interesting thing is, we never find out everything about them. There are several questions or aspects of their personality/past that are left unanswered. Although I would have loved more shows/seasons to explore these characters, I also like that we’re not told everything – leaves us plenty of room for fanfic, after all! 😉

At the risk of sounding cliched, my favourite character is Ianto Jones. Obviously, he’s gorgeous! Loving those Welsh vowels. He’s witty, and caring, and seems to know exactly what any member of Torchwood needs at any moment. Plus, he looks good in a suit. But, more than that… he is so incredibly fascinating. His past is littered with mystery, and tragedy – his family & childhood, Torchwood London and Canary Wharf… and on top of all of this, there’s his relationship with Jack.

Which is a whole other story! 🙂

Of course, I adore Captain Jack Harkness, the sexy beast. No doubt that there’s plenty to be explored there, regarding his past – there’s so much of it, see… 😉 I also have a soft spot in my heart for Toshiko Sato – she’s super cute, and makes for a great ‘different’ perspective on Torchwood. If I had to pick a favourite season, I would pick Season 2, and if I absolutely *had* to pick a favourite episode… aaagghhh… I would pick… Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. But that was a hard choice!

I’m currently watching Miracle Day (Season 4), and have yet to make many judgements yet… it’s still early days. I am enjoying it, but there is something about it which makes me a tad uncomfortable… but it’s hard to explain. Just have to keep watching 😉

Sherlock (BBC)


Second. Best. Show. EVER!

Gosh, I just adore the chemistry that these two have! Their characters make the whole show, really. Plus, their banter is brilliant. Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing in regards to his attention to detail. Sherlock Holmes is one of the most portrayed literary figures, with over 200 different actors having played him. And yet, he still manages to perfect the role. The way his eyes are always flickering, scanning his environment… everything! Martin Freeman gives us a stunning Dr John Watson – he’s not a bumbling idiot, for one! And he’s just so endearing… come on, those smiles! And the knitted jumpers! Wee cutie.

Another of my favourite elements of Sherlock is the way in which Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (who also plays a perfect Mycroft, who is Sherlock’s brother!) managed to update it, so that the world of Sherlock Holmes could still operate convincingly in our modern society. The way that they’ve altered details from the original series is spectacular, really very clever.

I cannot wait for Season 2!

So, how about you guys? I am admittedly rather fanatical when it comes to these two shows, so I would definitely be up for discussing them! 😀 Leave a comment, or give me a shout on Twitter 😉

Ah, and don’t forget to check out the lovely FallenRedNinja’s own 30 Day posts… her latest one features a stunning picture from my home town!

Have fun!
Bri xx


6 thoughts on “Day 03 — Your Favourite Television Programme

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  3. No surprises there! *grins*

    Dr Who & Firefly are my major obsessions, although Torchwood & Fringe aren’t far behind ^,^
    And, from what you’ve said, Sherlock is probably going to round out that list.

    • brionyjae says:

      Hooray!! 🙂 I also love Doctor Who, although I’m still watching my way through it… I’m up to Season 5 now ^^ Ahhh, my flatmate is forever bugging me to watch Firefly… *sighs* 😛

      But gosh, Sherlock… well, I don’t want to spoil it for you! 🙂

  4. Grace Alexander says:

    Miracle Day completely ruined Torchwood for me in several ways. SPOILERS if you haven’t finished yet.

    (A) Jack transformed from a loving,warm omnisexual into a bitchy, annoying, pushy, arrogant gay man. This broke my heart. Also the fact that he is now having annoying pushy arrogant gay sex with people who are not Ianto. (BLOODY BEANS! How the HELL is American Starz more explicit than BBC? SERIOUSLY???)

    (B) They fracked with canon RE: the wrist-strap. It shouldn’t have worked in the timeline the show referred to. BAD BAD BAD!!!

    (C) This is personal, I HATE HATE HATE every character that Omar Epps has ever played and this one is no exception. The fact that Jack ends up making HIM immortal infuriated me to death. HATE. (And Ianto is STILL DEAD. DAMMIT.)

    Best part of Miracle Day? This: “…all TEETH… and WET.” The one spark of the old Jack and OMG HAWT.

    • brionyjae says:

      Thanks for your comment! I can now say, after finishing Miracle Day, that I will not be rewatching the series, and I honestly don’t even count it as a Torchwood season… it’s more like a completely new show. One that I didn’t particularly care for. Not just because Ianto is still dead, but because… I really didn’t like any of the characters. Gwen does some interesting things, in terms of no longer being enamoured of Jack, but Jack… he’s different. And not in an entirely good way. I just… don’t like to think about Miracle Day xD I prefer to think it doesn’t exist 😛

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