Day 10 — A Photo Of You Taken Over Ten Years Ago

Without any preamble…


Okay, so this is me round about ten years ago. Notice the oh-so stylish polar fleece that I’m wearing, and the cute Winnie the Pooh watch! (eeee! I think I still have it somewhere…) I’m holding one of our many family cats, Zippy – and he actually didn’t like being held that much, so that’s an achievement, hehee.

I guess it’s an appropriate picture because cats have always been part of my family life. If I were to count them all up – including my grandparents’ ones, as they felt just like ours too – I would come up with 15 (and a half – don’t ask!) 🙂 Cats are awesome! Perhaps one day I’ll dedicate a post to all of our past and present lovely felines… 🙂

But yes. That’s me! Wish I was still so cute, hahaaa. 😛

Oooh, and before I forget, you can check out Amber’s latest 30 Day post here! Without her, I may have given up before now, so thank you dahling! 😀

Have fun!
Bri xx


6 thoughts on “Day 10 — A Photo Of You Taken Over Ten Years Ago

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  3. I think I just died from the adorable.

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