Day 11 — A Photo Of You Taken Recently

Ohh bollocks, I’d much rather find you all another youngin’ photo of myself…! Had to search high and low for acceptable ones for today!

And out of respect for the privacy of the people I was photographed with, I have cropped them out of the photo 😀 Don’t take it as an insult guys!

Yeah… 😛 This one is me at a Ball organised by the University Hostel I live at currently, hence the fancy hair-do, the outrageously big earrings and the ‘stop-sign’ bright red lipstick! 😀 I don’t normally look like that, so decided I better add a second photo too – for the sake of not misleading you all!

And voila – normal me! Well, I say normal… 😉 I believe I was enjoying dinner with friends when this was taken. And yes, I wear glasses usually! Makes me feel writerly, smarter… and stops me from being blind, obviously.

Anyways, I do wonder if you can spot the similarities between past Briony and present Briony! Only wish I could show you – and myself! – future Briony… *mysterious music*

Don’t think there are any other 30 Day Challenge blog posts that require photos of myself – hooray! I hear you all cheering… 😉

Have fun!
Bri xx


One thought on “Day 11 — A Photo Of You Taken Recently

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