Day 16 — A Song That Makes You Cry (Or Nearly)

Easy peasy!

Saddest song in existence is…

Hurt – Johnny Cash


Everything about this song is heartbreaking – but, in the best possible way. His voice, for one, is reflective of the emotions that he’s feeling, and also of his age. Reinforces the idea that he’s looking back on his past, and regrets. It is a cover of the Nine Inch Nails song, but of course Johnny Cash has truly made it his own song, embraced it, and made the song famous in his own right. The lyrics… just magnificient.

I think my favourite part, and the most haunting part, is the guitar at the beginning. Wonderfully understated tune = perfect! I could listen to that part on loop, mannnn.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear this played live (along with my Mum! :D), by Tex Perkins who has a show called ‘Man In Black in order to play Johnny Cash’s music. I was a bit worried that he might ruin Johnny Cash, but he was totally convincing, and a brilliant musician!! I truly believed him when he said “Hai, I’m Johnny Cash” with that special twang 😀 But yes, I had a silent, internal SQUEE when they played this song, because I honestly wasn’t expecting it! (or perhaps not so silent and internal, as I do recall elbowing my Mum furiously!) Very exciting 😀

But yes. This is THE song to listen to when you’re looking for something utterly depressing. But, remember, in a good way 😉

Any other ideas, people? 🙂 The more sad songs, the merrier, right…??

Have fun!
Bri xx

Oooh and check out some epic pics from the equally epic Amber here and here!


4 thoughts on “Day 16 — A Song That Makes You Cry (Or Nearly)

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  3. Johnny Cash is one of my favourite singers!
    His voice is about 12 levels of win and his cover of Hurt always sends shivers down my spine. Great choice Bri ❤

    Everybody's Fool by Evanescence always brings me to tears. As does Cabaret (the song, not the whole musical).

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