Day 17 — An Art Piece


I like today’s challenge, because while I admit that I know very little about art (in comparison to other things I study), I also LOVE art! So… here are my favourite pieces.

Winged Victory (or Nike) of Samothrace


This piece is from Ancient Greece, around 2nd Century BC, and is of the Greek goddess Nike, the winged figure of Victory. It’s over 3 metres tall (!) and is sculpted out of marble. I believe she’s meant to have a head and arms, but they’ve been sadly lost.

But GOSH. I just adore this sculpture – what skill! The detail is magnificent. You really get a sense of movement, of wind, of power. I could stare at her robes all day, honestly 😀 It’s more than realistic – actually, it’s probably not logistically accurate at all – but it’s dramatic, and I love that. And to be honest, I actually like that the head and arms are missing. It gives so much more focus to the legs and superb folds of the material, and to the wings – which is fitting, because Nike is the winged figure of Victory.

It’s held at the Louvre, a place I desperately want to visit. Sculptures are special in art in that you really have to walk around the whole thing to get the full impact. So I’ll give you guys some other angles of it – click on the image to make it larger – in an attempt to give you a better experience of the sculpture 🙂

Starry Night – Vincent van Gogh

One of my favourite paintings – and I have to admit, I have been heavily influenced by my Mum’s love for Vincent van Gogh. However, this one is my particular favourite – I believe her favourite is van Gogh’s Sunflowers 🙂

I adore his use of colours here – you can find SO MANY different shades within the same square inch! I can just imagine how long it took, how painstakingly careful he must have been. The swirling pattern is pretty awesome, and the way the moon and stars glow. And the village is very cute! I’ve always kind of liked the dark building thing on the left – I mean, what is it? I’ve never seen a building shaped like that… but it reminds me of a haunted castle, or something equally mysterious. I like the way it curls to suit the sky.

Genius! 😀

So… any other art nerds floating around? 😉 Let me know about your favourite pieces, pieces that just take your breath away…anything!

Have fun!
Bri xx


6 thoughts on “Day 17 — An Art Piece

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  2. Love the Greek sculpture. I must say I love it without the arms as it make it seem like her arms are the wings and the stance she is in says enough even without a face to show expression.

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  4. You’ve probably already heard this but Don McLean wrote a track called ‘Vincent (Starry Starry Night)” that’s absolutely gorgeous.
    Have a listen here

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