Day 18 — Whatever Tickles Your Fancy: Can Haz Pretty?

I Feel Pretty!

Eeeeee. Okay, so this song was stuck in my head, and I was also stuck for ideas for today’s “freebie” post. So… I decided to be incredibly random and make a post of teh prettyful! 😀

First of all, watch that video and listen to the song. Doesn’t it just make you happy? So darn catchy too – I take no responsibility for it getting stuck in your head 😉

On with the pretty!

Emma Watson: Awwwww. She’s naturally very beautiful, and her smile always makes me smile. So many pretty pictures of her just being herself 🙂

Rupert Grint: Ginger = YUM. And he has such a warm smile. Cutie!

David Thewlis: Lovely in many pictures, but this one with the glasses makes him look intelligent – and we all know that intelligence is sexy!

John Barrowman & Scott Gill: Cutest. Couple. Ever. God, I seriously don’t know if I’d be able to choose between them.

Gareth David-Lloyd: He makes such a pretty fairy, doesn’t he? 😉 As gorgeous as those beautiful Welsh vowels.

Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie: Simply a marvel! They are both remarkably handsome back in their ‘Jeeves and Wooster’ days – not that they aren’t still… 😉

Benedict Cumberbatch: Those cheekbones, that smile… those eyes! Delicious.

Martin Freeman: Can’t have one without the other. Just adore everything about him – including his height 😀

And… to finish up…

Cuban Blue Kitty!! Just look at those EYES.


Yep, so. That’s today’s post. I realise it’s all just the smallest bit shallow, and completely pointless… but at least it’s pretty pointlessness 😉

Posts of substance will return tomorrow (good or bad thing…?) 😉

Have fun!
Bri xx


4 thoughts on “Day 18 — Whatever Tickles Your Fancy: Can Haz Pretty?

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  3. seb jamous says:

    picture of the cat is amazing – any idea of the original source?? great blog cheers!

    • brionyjae says:

      Unfortunately, no! I had it saved on my computer for a while before posting it 😦 but I’m pretty sure I found it on Google, so you may be able to do a bit of hunting? Anyway, thank you, glad you’re enjoying it! 🙂

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