Day 19 — A Talent Of Yours

Erm, so I got a little stuck here, but I think I came up with something suitable. I’m not exactly sure if you’d call this a talent as such… but meh, close enough! 😀


Cake! Now, honestly – I am not a very good cook. I make very simply dinners, and all that. I do enjoy baking, but don’t make much time for it. However… the one thing I am good at is baking cakes. And, most importantly, icing them in CRAZY COLOUR! 🙂

So yes. I have a talent for colourful cakes.

That is just a wee selection of the past cakes I’ve made – some of them were a collaborative effort with my Mum, but usually she leaves the fun creativity of icing them to me. Oiiii. Just looking at them makes me simultaneously drool and cringe at the sugar overload. A few of them require a story…

  • The cake at the top right corner was for one of my brother’s birthdays, and those yellow things are indeed lightning bolts – bit of a Harry Potter theme, I confess!
  • The cake below that, the bright yellow one, was for my Nana’s recent 80th birthday. I know, some older folk may not appreciate such a… forward cake, but I think my Nana liked it 😀 Her initials are M.M which is where the M&Ms idea came from – couldn’t fit 80 of them on the cake though (un/fortunately??)
  • The three dozen cupcakes next to that, in the middle, are just a sample of what I would always take to shared lunches, or whatever. Any school event that required a plate, the rainbow cupcakes were there. My friends began to request them. Very fun! 🙂

Since recently becoming gluten free (or near enough) I haven’t made as many cakes – but I am not going to let that ‘bump’ stop me. It just means I’ll have to experiment with new recipes – I’ll need a lot of practice! What a shame that is… 😉 hahaaa.

On your way out, step on over to read about Ambers goals and her cuuuute nicknames!

Have fun!
Bri xx


5 thoughts on “Day 19 — A Talent Of Yours

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  3. Your cakes and cupcakes are AMAZING!!!

    If I find a good GF cake recipe I’ll get it to you, on the condition that at some point we hang out and make rainbow cupcakes iced in all the colours.
    (I lie, I’d give it to you anyway)

    • brionyjae says:

      That would be amazing, thank you!! 😀 And hey, I like the sound of that condition 😉 agreeeeee! 😛 and with all the lollies on top!

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