Snowing in Wellington!


Yes, this does require the excessive use of capitals 😉 It very very rarely snows in Wellington – and especially not in the city centre, where I live, so this was just magic! Sadly, it didn’t really settle, as it was raining too much… but still, had fun with my flatmates out on our balcony, getting freezing (bare!) feet and soaking wet hair, catching the snow on our hands and tongues 🙂

…and taking photos, as proof!

Apparently it’s hard to photograph falling snow – well, with only an average camera – but I gave it my darnedest! Don’t think they came out too badly… just don’t zoom in, you’ll be blinded by the pixelation 😀

Snoooow and traffic liiiiights!

Look at that!

Feels like winter!


Well then! That was fun, indeed. It’s stopped now, but I’m crossing my fingers for more tomorrow. Maybe we’ll get a day off uni…?

…I can dream, right? 😉

Have fun!
Bri xx


2 thoughts on “Snowing in Wellington!

  1. brionyjae says:

    Aha, MetService says: “It snowed quite heavily in Wellington City, above about 100 metres, from approximately 4:30pm for at least an hour. This is the heaviest and most widespread snowfall in Wellington City for at least 30 years.”

    ^YUSS! 😀

  2. […] On a slightly different note, Ms Briony has a very useful website for all you writerly folks out there and a very excited blog post about snow in Wellington! […]

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