Day 25 — 10 Things You Love

Tried to think a bit creatively for this one – otherwise it would be full of things that you guys already know I love! 😛 So, here’s hoping you learn something new.

1. Cherry Picking

I’ve been cherry picking as a summer job for 5 years now, and I can honestly say it’s the best job I’ve ever had! Yes, even better than working at a bookstore 😉 At first glance, it may seem like a terrible job: you have to get up around 6am, it’s a lot of physical work, very tiring, and there’s no set hourly rate or anything. But these actually all turn into positives!

In summer, it’s easy to get up early, because the sun has already risen, and those summer mornings are absolutely stunning. And you soon get used to the physical work – build up my muscles, mannnn 😉 It makes you work harder when you get paid by the kg. Plus, there’s a heap of other perks! You get a tan, you get to listen to your iPod all day and not deal with annoying customers, you get to EAT the cherries… the list goes on 😉 So yes, I hope to be able to pick cherries again this summer – in fact, I’m looking forward to it!

2. British Accents

There’s just something about them… 😉 Gosh, I honestly can’t pick a favourite… English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish… they’re all just gorgeous! I suppose I ultimately would go with the Welsh accent, because of Torchwood. Can’t beat those beautiful Welsh vowels 😉 But gosh… it’s a close call!

I mean, Karen Gillian from Doctor Who – what a lovely Scottish voice! 😀 One movie that shows of the brilliance of Irish accents is ‘The Commitments‘, hehee. Love it. And English… well, hello! 😀 Wonderful, love the regional differences and all that. I particularly enjoy Matt Smith‘s accent in the new Doctor Who, because it is slightly more posh = too adorable. Luckily my friend Lucie can give me a fix of the English accent via Skype…!

3. Rice Pudding

*drools* Oh. My. Best pudding ever. If I had to choose between rice pudding and a chocolate pudding, I promise you, it would be a very hard choice indeed – and that’s saying something, seeing as I’m a chocoholic 😉 I know a lot of people think it’s a weird kind of pudding – rice, for dessert? Huh? But… it’s just so creamy and yummy! Perfect comfort food, especially nice in winter. Google it!

4. Psychology

I can’t really understand why this fascinates me, but it does. I guess it has something to do with writing, in that I love getting inside people’s heads and just exploring why they behave in a certain way, or whatever. I’m not really into the science-y part, hence why I’m not studying it at university, but I love the social side of it all. And GOSH I am fascinated by the ‘different’ cases… for example, last year for my NaNoWriMo I wrote about someone who had Dissociative Identity Disorder which I spent hours researching. I love psychological thrillers like Memento, where the main character has Anterograde Amnesia, and Black Swan, where Natalie Portman’s character is just pretty much crazy 😀 Recently I’ve been reading up on Sociopathy, which is very interesting. So yes… I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to all this – suits me perfectly, huh?

5. The Smell of Coffee

No explanation needed, really! I do like the taste of coffee too – good coffee – but the smell is on a whole other level 😉

6. Stargazing

Isn’t it just awesome to lie on the ground and try and stare as far as you can into the sky? Love spotting constellations, not that I know of many. To quote Sherlock, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it 😉 The best place to stargaze is definitely out in the middle of nowhere, or at least out of the city a bit, so that you can focus fully on the sky above you, without buildings or whatever in the way. Best time of year would have to be summer, simply because it isn’t so cold – although, I guess a blanket would fix that…

7. New Books

Love the smell of fresh paper, and the feel of the clean, crisp pages… and the perfectly straight covers! I always try to read a book as carefully as I can, so as not to dent the cover or bend the pages. Oh, and I hate the spine getting all wrinkly, but sometimes I guess it’s unavoidable. Actually, I love books in general… but new books are awesome. Old books are pretty special too.

8. The Sound of Rain

LOVE! Especially when you’re lying in bed, and you can hear it on your roof – so amazing to listen to. I’ve actually got one of those recordings of rain downloaded, that runs for about 90mins and changes in intensity. It’s pretty cool to listen to when I’m writing, because it’s not distracting at all – more soothing. Definitely recommend it.

9. Frogs

Eeeeee, so cuuuuute! 😀 I’ve loved frogs for as long as I can remember… when I was young, my brother and I collected these little plastic frogs, and named them all. They all seem to have oh-so-original names, like “Violet”, “Stripe”, “Spot”… and – wait for it – “Yellowy” 😀 Hahaa. Oh dear. We have around 50 or so between us. I bet I could still remember all of their names, and still be able to put them in order from ‘oldest’ to ‘youngest’ (oh yes, they had ages!) 😉 Ahh, good times. I still collect frog things nowadays. I have many cute frog soft toys, a frog coin bank, frog keyrings, a frog pencil holder… even a frog yo-yo! 😀

10. Rainbows

So beautiful. Of course I love seeing real rainbows, but I will settle for drawn ones, or even just something with all the colours of the rainbow on it. I’ve always love drawing my own rainbows. Fun fun. Even now, I use about 8 different coloured highlighters for my book of course readings for uni – colour makes everything fun!

So, these are the thing I love 🙂

Be sure to let me know what YOU guys love!

Have fun!
Bri xx


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