Day 26 — 10 Things You Dread

Aha, well, today’s post was interesting to write… wonder how many of you will share my dislikes!

1. Deadlines

Bit of a double-edged sword, this one. I just hate the thought of running out of time, the days creeping closer to that assignment hand-in date, the last day of mid-trimester break… deadlines are always ghosting around in the back of my mind, I can never forget them! But then, of course, I wouldn’t get half as much done without deadlines – they really are good motivators. So, yes… a bitter-sweet symphony indeed! 😛

2. Clothes Shopping

Ughhh, I just can’t stand it! It’s marginally better with friends or my Mum, but I still can’t last more than an hour or so 😛 It’s just… so tiring! hehee. And rather unsatisfying, as I’m usually either too broke to buy much, or I can’t find anything that I like! Shopping for books, or stationery, is so much easier… 😉

3. Spiders & Cockroaches

…or anything similarly icky! Cliched, I know… but I can’t help it! Their wriggling legs, creepy crawlies… urgh, makes me shudder just writing about them. Especially if they’re anywhere near my body or skin or whatever. Eeewww! At least I’ve only ever come across a Weta once, out in the bush – what a memorable experience that was… and may I just say, it’s no wonder they’re endangered!! 😀

4. Winter

Well, kind of, anyway. I just much prefer the warmth to winter. Sure, there are many awesome things about winter, but I just seem to be happier in sunny, warm environments… which means summer! ^_^

5. Going to the Doctors

I think I’ve just had far too many unpleasant experiences… It’s not so much what I’ve had to go for, or what I’ve had done to me – I don’t have the slightest problem with needles, which is why I used to donate blood – but the Doctors themselves! Seriously, don’t they teach bedside manners as part of medical training? 😛 I’ve only ever had one Doctor that I’ve liked, and he’s my most recent one, so perhaps my feelings on this topic will start to change, if I stick with him. He had an English accent… maybe that helped? 😉 (the only other Doctors I’ve liked are fictional… *cough* And yes, The Doctor totally counts!)

6. The All Blacks losing the RWC

*grins* Couldn’t resist. Don’t want to jinx it, but… could you imagine losing the Rugby World Cup? After all the hype, all the confidence we’ve put into our team… 😛 Losing AGAIN?! I… don’t want to imagine it. The whole nation would literally be wearing black in mourning. Seriously, people might start to do crazy things like rioting in the streets (too soon?), or well and truly disregarding their pledge to “Abstain for the Game” (anyone think about how all these babies would suddenly be born, 9 months after the RWC ended?!), or even introducing a internet new copyright law. What? That’s already happened? Oiii…

7. Cleaning the Shower

Worst. Chore. Ever! Even worse than cleaning the toilet, I reckon! At least cleaning a toilet doesn’t take all that long… the shower takes so incredibly long. And by the time you’re done, you feel like you need a bloody shower! 😛

8. Never Paying off my Student Loan

Hey, it’s legitimate concern! 😀 I’m fairly certain that one way or another, I’ll pay it all off eventually… but I just hate the thought of having such a massive debt. And it’s so lame that if you’re overseas longer than – is it six months? – then you have to pay interest. Laaaame. Also, it means that I’ll have to have a good job to earn the money to pay it back… which is all up in the air, mainly because I don’t even know for certain what job I want! 😛 Meh. I’ll think about it tomorrow, I swear…

9. Gyms

I really dread having to use a gym to exercise. They’re just so… claustrophobic, and smelly and sweaty 😀 I joined the uni gym last year, because it was so cheap, but I didn’t really enjoy it… I mean, who wants to exercise in front of other people? Especially when you’re not exactly fit, like me 😀 I’d be jogging along on my treadmill, all red and puffing, and the sporty chick next to me would be going twice as fast for twice as long, hahaaa. Nah, I much prefer going for walks outside. Fresh air? Open space? Peace and quiet? Yes please!

10. Failing

Most predominantly, I would hate to fail an exam or an assignment, or anything on the academic side of things. I’ve just always been a high achiever/perfectionist when it comes to that. However, failing in other things is never fun either. But, ah well… some of my epic fails are pretty funny, sometimes. Just gotta learn to laugh, right? 😛

Now, onto more happy topics tomorrow! 🙂

Have fun!
Bri xx


One thought on “Day 26 — 10 Things You Dread

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