Day 27 — 10 Places You Want To Travel To

*bounces* This is such an exciting topic!!

Seeing as I’m from New Zealand, I guess it’s logical that I want to see more of the world – by that, I mean we are quite far away, all the way down here in the Pacific Ocean, and so travelling to new places just has that extra sense of adventure 🙂 I would love to be able to travel to every continent, different regions, different cultures, different people… it’s so exciting to think about! However, I do love New Zealand, and I do think that a piece of my heart will always be Kiwi 😛

So, in no particular order…

1. United Kingdom

Obvious decision! I was going to split up Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland into separate parts for this blog post, but honestly, I have too many other places I want to visit, so decided to lump them all under the UK. That said, I could easily fill a paragraph for each of these!

Most notably, I would love to visit:

  • any locations related to Harry Potter/Torchwood/Doctor Who/Sherlock (Cardiff Millenium Stadium, hell yes! Ianto’s shrine! 221b Baker Street! Squeeee!)
  • the beautiful castles and countryside of Scotland
  • all the famous museums, especially the British Museum
  • the EPIC book village ‘Hay-on-Wye‘ in Wales!
  • London’s West End, to drown myself in theatre!
  • Shakespeare’s magnificent Globe Theatre in London

But yeah… pretty much everywhere!!! I’d need a year or more, for the UK alone 😀 Oooh, and of course, I’d drag the wonderful Lucie around with me 😉

2. South Africa

One of my uncles currently lives over there, and it sounds like an incredibly alive and vibrant country, and unique too. I think I’d love to see all the animals in the wildlife parks – it’d be like walking straight into ‘Lion King’! 😀 Also, there’s so much space out in the terrains, it would be rather awesome to see.

3. Italy/Greece

I put these two together too because I’d pretty much be going for the same reasons – to ogle all the lovely ancient Greek/Roman temples and architecture, and also all the pottery and scupltures in the museums over there. A definite place worth mentioning is Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, Italy. Beautiful place – I made a pact with a friend to go there with her 🙂 Oooh and Tuscany – I think I’d fall in love with all the villas, eeee! Sounds like a perfect place to write a novel, yes?

4. Egypt

Aha! This place has a wee bit of history for me. Apparently, my Mum tells me, when I was younger, I used to say that I’d been to the pyramids before 😀 Don’t ask me what I was on, I have no idea how I came up with that! Maybe I was a Pharoah in a past life… *shifty eyes* 😉 But yes, I always been fascinated by Ancient Egyptians and all that, and I would just love to actually see the pyramids! Wouldn’t mind seeing some of the Nile either!

5. France

France just has to be on my list 😀 I’ve always loved the language, studied it for 5 years right through high school. And we were lucky enough to be able to go on a school trip to New Caledonia, which was just amazing! (The only time I’ve been out of NZ, in fact!) I got to practice my French, and see a mix of French and Pacific culture. Too epic. But yes, I definitely would love to go to France – the Louvre, the Avenue des Champs-Elysees, l’Arc de Triumpe, the Maison Carree… and, of course, the Eiffel Tower! I just hope that my brain hasn’t erased all the French that I’ve learnt… 😛

6. Argentina

A bit random, perhaps, but my Geography teacher way back in high school made me fall in love with Argentina’s Glaciers. Simply stunning. Pictures can’t do them justice, because it’s impossible to gain the same sense of sheer enormity… but to visit them… wow! I dunno, I think it would be a cool lil’ place to visit. Plus, I’d get an excuse to sing “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina!” when I leave… *grins*

7. Australia

A given, really! So close, pretty cheap to get there, so why not? I think I’d love to see Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, seeing as they’ve got plenty of things on offer. Oooh, wonder if I’d be able to time it so I got to see the Mardi Gras in Sydney? Sounds spectacular 😉 They have some pretty good shows and stuff on there too – like their ‘Love Never Dies‘ musical production, apparently it’s even better than the West End version! 😉 Guess I’d also have to go to the Gold Coast. Oh gosh, what a tan I’d get over there…! However, I’d love to see some of the Outback too – think of that desert, those rocks, in ‘Priscilla: Queen of the Desert’! Would just be awe-inspiring.

8. Peru

More South America! This time, it’s primarily because of Machu Picchu, the once lost site of the Incas! It’s one of the things on my bucket list, to climb the Inca Trail all the way up there – it’s apparently 2,430 metres above sea level!! The trail goes through the Andes, which is an amazing mountain range. Need to get much fitter before I even think of doing it though – people can get altitude sickness because of the thinning air and all that, which doesn’t sound fun 😛 But gosh, it would be totally worth it! One day…?

9. Florida/New York

Funnily enough, I don’t really feel much of an urge to go to America – except for two places. Florida – 100% because of the Harry Potter Theme Park! Enough said! 😀 And New York, because of Broadway! Would be amazing to walk down… and obviously, I’d go to as many shows as I could. Just like at West End! (guess I better start saving now, right?)

10. Vietnam

I studied the Vietnam War in school, but that’s not the only reason I’d like to visit. Their culture just seems so interesting – all their temples would be well worth a visit. Ho Chi Minh City would definitely be on my list. But yeah, I’m not really sure exactly what attracts me – just something different! 🙂

Awwww man! Now I’m all enthused about travelling… damn being a poor student! *grumbles* Ah well, I can dream for now.

How about you guys? Any special travel stories to share, any travel dreams?

Have fun!
Bri xx


3 thoughts on “Day 27 — 10 Places You Want To Travel To

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  2. How come India isn’t on your list? You should think about visiting India. It’s awesome!

  3. brionyjae says:

    Ahhh, I was tossing up India as an option! I reckon if I were allowed to add more to my list, India would probably be there 🙂 The only thing that might stop me would be the complete onslaught of people – sounds like a very busy place! But of course, that’s part of its charm!

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