NaNo2011: Ready, Set, GO!


November is really here. It always feels slightly unreal, because I’ve been counting down and waiting for so long, that when midnight finally rolls around, I actually end up having a ridiculous panic.

Oh gosh. Day One. First sentence stress. First word stress.

I could screw this novel up right here – doom it forever.

*takes a deep breath*

Yes, even after four years of this, I don’t get any less nervous! Of course, it’s a massive mix of excitment and curiosity and eagerness to just-start-already! And I think it’s a completely normal reaction to have. Reality hits – hello, blank Word Document. You look lovely and perfect and untarnished.

But also empty and boring and way less fun than your future-novel!


The only thing to do is to just. Start.

I took my own advice at 8pm this evening. I’d been having a busy day. Couldn’t start at midnight because I was too tired, and I had an exam in the afternoon – my last exam for my undergraduate degree, incidentally! Couldn’t start in the morning, as I was frantically cramming an entire year’s worth of notes into my mushy brain. Couldn’t start in the afternoon – examming away. And so, 20 hours into November… I finally settled in at my laptop with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a bowl of chocolate icecream, and started.

Because I’m feeling nice, I’ll share my first sentence with you lot! 😉

Being summoned to the Dean’s office never boded well for anyone.

*nods* Uh huh. A bit more substantial than my first sentence for last year’s NaNo, which was simply “Pain.” Deep and depressing, I know! 😀

At this moment in time, I really only have the vaguest shape of a plot. I have characters, and a setting, which is always great. I’m definitely planning on writing a separate blog post to go into the specifics of my novel, when things have become a bit clearer to me, so watch this space if you’re curious.

This post, however, is for all you Wrimos who are kicking off for the month. Maybe you’re flying at your laptop, mashing at the keyboard with your enthusiasm to get it all out. Perhaps you’re being a lot more composed about it – at least on the outside! – and have stacked up a healthy word count already. Well, if you felt even a little bit nervous, like me, just know you’re not alone! And you can totally use all of these crazy emotions to dive right into your novel.

Squeeeee. I really, truly love November 😀

Right. I’m gonna go have another 15 minute word sprint.

Word Count: 1,268 words
Write on!
Bri xx


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