Tinkering Away At A Few Film Reviews

In my humble opinion, it’s a pretty good time for films at the moment. Perhaps it’s just that time of year, but I found myself wanting to go to about a bajillion films in the cinemas recently – something that doesn’t happen all that often for me. I mean, I do go to the cinema quite regularly, but the majority of the films I watch are at home, on DVD. So in honour of the recently released films that I’ve gone and enjoyed on the silver screen, I thought I’d make a few comments about them here – and hopefully encourage you to see them, too.

(I apologise in advance for any spoilers for those who may not have seen the films!)

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

I was originally drawn to this film because of the massive range of absolutely stunning actors – I mean, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy… all in one movie? Yes please! They do not disappoint, either. What immediately strikes you about this film is that there is much less dialogue than one is used to in a film – less dialogue than an actor is used to as well, I’d imagine. Here, the actors master the art of saying things without words, and I believe it is far more impacting and touching for this. This is especially true in a scene starring our own lovely Benedict Cumberbatch, in which he has to force his (male) partner to leave him. Too beautiful, and heartbreaking! And as for Gary Oldman – well! It’s all the harder for him, as an actor, because his character says even less, shows less expression and feeling, than any other. Deliberate, of course – and the fact that Gary Oldman can still portray the character’s thoughts… I mean, wow. I’d say that it’s all part of the overall slower pacing of the film, which is a refreshing change from other ‘wham-bam’ films these days. And the attention to detail – gosh, am I in awe! All the small noises, such as the scratch of a pen on paper… and then there’s the clever camera shots that show the scene from behind a window, or through a door. It just creates such a perfect atmosphere for the era, and the political climate, that the film is set in. While it is a ‘thinking’ sort of film, I’d definitely recommend it to those who might just wish to watch something with brilliant acting and flimmaking – either way, you’ll love it.

This Means War

Ahaa, Tom Hardy, we meet again… and okay, I’ll admit it – the epicness of Chris Pine and Tom Hardy was definitely the initial lure to this film for me. I just adore both of them, and so the opportunity to see a film where they star opposite each other was simply too awesome to pass up. And, you know, I was right – the chemistry between the pair is sizzling! 😀 (Not to mention Tom Hardy’s English accent sticking out due to all the American-ness around him… *drools*). Reese Witherspoon was pretty charming alongside the boys – I mean, I liked her in ‘Walk The Line’, and I’m sure she’s been in something else I liked too, so she’s quite easy to enjoy. And, yeah, the plot may have been somewhat of a typical romantic-comedy – not usually my thing, although there are exceptions – but these actors definitely gave the film that extra ‘something’ which made it worth the rom-com plotline. It’s like… ‘Pretty Woman’, I never expected to like, but somehow… I can’t help loving it. Same with ‘Notting Hill’ – Hugh Grant, squeeee… but I digress. This film did have its cheesy moments, but I couldn’t have expected anything different, and they were healthily balanced out by some delicious action sequences, as well as a lot of hilarity! The only thing that I was slightly disappointed by was the ending, in the way it tried just that tiny bit too hard, in my opinion, to tie up all of the loose ends. But then again, I am particularly picky about endings, and they rarely satisfy me completely, so it’s no big deal. Definitely an entertaining watch, for both guys and gals!


Whatever you think you know about Hugo… it is far more amazing than you could possibly expect or imagine. Before I watched this piece of art, I naively thought that it was a kids’ film, and for ‘some reason’ was a big hit at the Oscars. However, now I see why this film received the number of Oscars that it did – and it’s not even really a film for kids, despite the principle actors being children. This storyline and its characters offer something to every kind of audience – beautifully dealt with, and easily stepping away from what could have been a clichéd ‘message’. Asa Butterfield, the boy the film focuses around, is an absolutely stunning wee actor – I’m completely in love! 😀 I totally would have given him the Oscar, had he been nominated. He just put the right amount of emotion into it all. Too adorable! His counterpart, Chloë Moretz, was also a joy to watch – my kind of heroine, for sure! Now, I chose to see this film in 3D, which is saying something in itself – I’m one of the unfortunate who have to wear glasses anyway, so when I go to a 3D film… I’m wearing two pairs of glasses. Terribly tedious and unattractive! 😛 However, this was completely worth it – the location shots of Paris and of the clock tower were sights to behold, and actually, the cinematography as a whole was beautiful. This setting, combined with the heartfelt acting, honestly made me feel awed and marvelled by the end. Breathtaking. Unlike the theme at the heart of Hugo, Scorsese’s film needs no fixing – it’s absolutely perfect.

Seen these films too? Have I made you want to see them? Share your thoughts!

Have fun, filmgoers!
Bri xx


Episode VI: The Return Of The Blog


Erm, yes.

It’s been about… two or three months since I last updated. And before I get any further, I believe it is necessary for me to throw myself upon the ground in front of you and beg for forgiveness! I really don’t have much of an excuse – at first, I was taking a break from all types of writing, after successfully completely NaNoWriMo (oops, forgot to tell you…!). And then, my summer jobs started up, picking cherries and working at the bookstore. And THEN… I just got lazy.


But I’m back now! I promise… 😛

So, what’s new with me? Well, to tell you all ‘officially’… I finished NaNoWriMo!! 🙂 I believe I finished at around 11pm on the 30th of November, so I was cutting it fine… but hey, I had it all under control! My novel, however, is far from finished. For one, I discovered that I had far too much plot, and so I think my novel still needs around another 50-60k to have actually finished telling the story. Then, of course, I have to get onto all the editing… but I’ll think of that later. I left it alone for a long while, and actually just read it through for the first time the other day. I was pleasantly surprised how ‘not-bad’ it was – I mean, it still needs A LOT of work, but I can’t help loving my characters, and their stories. I have a (vague) plan to write that extra 50-60k at some point during the year, preferably before this year’s NaNoWriMo… but we’ll see. Darn study might get in the way.

After November… well, as I said before, I then worked my way through a pretty good summer. Cherry picking is always a massively fun job, even if this season was a little disappointing. And the bookstore that I work in is just brilliant – I’ve worked there for around five years now, at first just part-time, and now it’s just during the summer break. I just adore all of my fellow staff members, and the staff discount is far too tempting…! It was also lovely to spend time with my family, who I only get to see during breaks from university, as they live in a different town – different island, actually! 😛 – from my university.

But yes, now it’s that time of year again – study time! This year, I’m beginning my first year in postgraduate study in English Literature. I am, simply put, terrified! Hahaa. And excited. There is a TON of reading to do, which I have thankfully already started (but haven’t read nearly enough yet!), and a whole research essay of our own doing. It’s been incredibly difficult trying to decide what I will be focusing on – I have had so many ideas, so much that I love, that I could spend hours pouring over… but I think that I finally have a pretty good idea of what text I will write on: T. S. Eliot’s “Prufrock and Other Observations”. Gosh, I adore T. S. Eliot, especially this group of poems. His way of writing, the unique and sometimes strange images that just work, the way the words sound when read aloud… squeeee! I feel like an uber English nerd, but I can’t help it. So yes, that will be very exciting indeed 🙂

So, that’s where I’m at right now. See, you guys barely missed anything 😛

I promise that I will (try!) to update a lot more often, as often as I have something interesting to say. I’m still meaning to blog a bit more about my ‘obsessions’, and all of that, which will hopefully be interesting to you. Who knows, maybe I’ll find another ’30-Day’ type Challenge to keep you all amused.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Have fun!
Bri xx

P.S. You might have noticed that my blog looks a little different to what it did last time – I decided that what better time than now to change to a new theme. Do you like it? I found it rather enchanting 🙂