*waves arms around madly*

Long time, no see! And in the time I’ve been absent from my blog, I have managed to graduate from Victoria University of Wellington with a Bachelor of Arts (in English Literature and Philosophy, if anyone is curious!)


Survived all the late nights/early mornings (when things were really desperate!), the bajillion hours spent reading, the crazy first year Halls antics, the essay writing, getting involved in all the fun, extra activities that Vic runs, the even crazier things we got up to in first year (*cough*), the flatting experience, the 9am tutorials that no one ever turns up for, getting lost on campus (more than once!), the lecturers that you just can’t stand, the lecturers that you admire/fangirl over (guilty… *winks*), the awesome people I’ve met and the brilliant friends I’ve made…

The Time. Of. My. Life!

Thanks to everyone who was a part of it – you all had a special role to play, and I won’t ever forget it 🙂

Now, time for some photos!

Me with my proud grandparents 🙂

Mum and I (in matching pink! :D)

It’s my brother! 😀 (SO MUCH TALLER. I look ridiculous. xD)

One, Two, Three! 😀

And now, look what my darling mother made! Graduation Cupcakes. Wheeeeeee! With light pink icing to match my BA hood.


They were delish. All gone now, sorry 😉 My favourite was the one with the white trencher decoration!

And so, that was my graduation ceremony! It was such an exciting night, being able to celebrate with people I’d studied alongside for three years – clapping extra hard when it was their turn on the stage, of course! And thankfully, when it was my turn onstage, I managed a feat of a lifetime and didn’t do anything clumsy like trip over, or do an awkward handshake, hooray! (I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I moved with grace, because my Mum took a video of me walking across the stage, and I look like a hunchbacked troll slumping my way to my diploma, hahaaaa.) Oh, actually – I just remembered. I did the eyebrow raise greeting at the Vice Chancellor. *meep*

I shall leave you with my “Superman” photo, a pose which I simply *couldn’t* resist, what with the “cape” and everything!

Supergrad! 😀

Have fun!
Bri xx


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